Sticks and Stones: how to harness & farm social media trolls, for fun and profit

Now, not everyone who disagrees with what you say, do or even who you are, is actually a troll. Feeling ‘triggered’ or misunderstood by a divergent opinion to yours on a topic you present is not justification to vilify an internet identity. Before we get defensive, let’s clarify that. People come to different decisions on topics based on their own reading and lived experiences. Sharing these is not an attack on you. They are starting a conversation. They may put it a little bluntly, or insultingly, but give some leeway for lack of tonicity in text.

TV Interview video shorts and the things unseen: my apology to the community

Links to SkyNews Documentary sections I'm featured in: firstly, I did point out that introducing a woman by age and marital status just screams patriarchy. I said, would you start that way if I was a man?'Secondly, I get the strong impression that they don't know the difference between kink and fetish: I'm not actually… Continue reading TV Interview video shorts and the things unseen: my apology to the community

Libertine YouTube Community

Sometimes when making something new, it is me that feels like the baby duckling. Someone (who I consider to be generally rather clever) has suggested I make a YouTube channel to go along with the blog. Being a child of dial-up internet days, I've used YouTube rather a lot as a viewer, but not as… Continue reading Libertine YouTube Community