The Illusion of Beauty: How Alice Hunter is a big fake

I’ve started, at the suggestion of someone who’s opinion I respect, making some YouTube clips of myself reading the chapters of the book I wrote, called ‘Unicorns and How to Hunt Them’ (available on Kindle and Amazon). The first of these is a little introduction and, I must say, I came out looking absolutely stunning….

Green-eyed Monster: Beauty and Envy

The beautiful, iconic image of the slender, shapely lines of a woman meet my eyes. The tasteful monochrome styling. The delicate tightrope between natural beauty and expensive polish is perfectly walked by the way another presents herself. How should one feel?

Free?? A Controversial Opinion on Why Unpaid Collaboration isn’t a Terrible Thing

in the creative industries really – saying that they are tired of being offered work for ‘exposure’ or ‘experience’ or to ‘build their portfolio’. Certainly, if you are a well established professional with a huge customer base and a backlog of waiting clients, having people asking your services for free might seem an insult and a hassle. Yet let us consider that cash isn’t always king. What would you think if approached to spend a day or two working to help

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