Green-eyed Monster: Beauty and Envy

The beautiful, iconic image of the slender, shapely lines of a woman meet my eyes. The tasteful monochrome styling. The delicate tightrope between natural beauty and expensive polish is perfectly walked by the way another presents herself. How should one feel?

What actually is ‘unicorn hunting’ anyway?

Unicorn hunters: Companies that seek to fund late-stage start-up companies, ripe for investment Unicorn hunters: swinger couples looking for a bisexual woman to participate in a sex threesome Unicorn hunters: couples that term themselves polyamorous, yet specifically only seek a woman for both to share, who is expected to meet and fill all the wishes…

Peeping Inside of Unicorns

preview the ebook Unicorns and How to Hunt Them, guidance on the swinger scene, threesomes and unicorn hunting