The Illusion of Beauty: How Alice Hunter is a big fake

I’ve started, at the suggestion of someone who’s opinion I respect, making some YouTube clips of myself reading the chapters of the book I wrote, called ‘Unicorns and How to Hunt Them’ (available on Kindle and Amazon). The first of these is a little introduction and, I must say, I came out looking absolutely stunning….

Naked Interview with a published erotica author in the UK: Louisa Berry of the Vanilla Extract book series

I’d start with Vanilla Extract. It’s the start of Lou’s journey of self and sexual discovery. It’s where she gains confidence in exploring her newly found lifestyle and begins to feed her insatiable, lustful appetite. Cinnamon Twist comes next and, in this sequel, Lou embarks on some more kinky scenarios, further from the vanilla sex she previously enjoyed. Third would be Chilli Dip, which is a work-in-progress at the moment and will be published by the end of 2019.

Want to Write for Unicorn Hunting Blog?

If you would like to write for, I’m happy to take submissions to share with the world, in the aim of inclusion, promoting understanding and representation, particularly as part of marginalized society. If you’d be interested in writing for, here are some FAQs for you to bear in mind:

Playing with Jo Divine Sex Toys

Although is, and remains, non-commercial, Alice Hunter has acquired a frisky bit on the side. Exactly what is, and is not, promotional can be a bit of a grey area in a blog of this nature. Reviews of events and apps are not paid for, there are no sponsors. Everything on here is arranged…