Book signing in London

So, my darling deviants and luscious libertines, my paperback is now out on Amazon, and how much am I loving this?

Though continues as an honest, non-commercial look at any issues in and around the swing scene, kink scene, and non-conventional sexualities, event reviews, tips, explorations and stories from myself and many wonderful contributors, who write blog posts, give their thoughts, quotes and lived experiences to the cause, the book itself is strictly a semi-satirical how-to guide in positioning yourself in the swinging lifestyle, to achieve the fabled and somewhat elusive MFF threesome, with all that entails.

The ebook has been out for a year and a half, but the paperback has just been released. I must say, it’s been super exciting to hold something hard in my hands. It’s the interviews with unicorns, swinger tips and tricks, ideas and stories from my beloved underground community that make it what it is.

How to celebrate?

My social media tells me, that of all things, you’d like a party. And who wouldn’t?

With this in mind, I’ve arranged with the hosts of the wonderful, friendly, kinky and ultra-inclusive Future Parties to attend their social in Brixton on February 13th. Just order your copy of Unicorns & How to Hunt Them from Amazon, bring it along, and I’ll sign it for free for you.

As well as myself, the venue will be peppered with my saucy contributors- see if you can figure out who is who! There will be drinks, dancing, music, socialising, and it gives you an opportunity to be vetted to attend one of the Future Parties full events!

This is a social, not a full kink or sex party, so be sure to keep your attire and behaviour appropriate. Apologies, but there is a flight of stairs. London is a tricky place for full accessibility. It’s one of my soap box issues, I promise. If this is an issue for you, drop me a message.

Bring along a little cash for the door and bar, shine up your best friendly, social game face, and come meet some unique Kinksters, fun swingers, and all-round wonderful human beings in this deliberately inclusive and accepting community.

There will also be a tribute to a special member of our community at this event, who has blazed a memory on our hearts and minds. Our people are our people, and time and distance are no barrier to that. The underground fetish scene of London is full of wonderful, lovable and extraordinary individuals, who we are truly blessed to have flavour our lives.

If you’d like more information about the event, please contact the awesome team at Future Parties. I hope to see you there. I love meeting my readers, and signing books makes me feel like a rockstar.


Used with permission from Future Parties

Contact Future Parties at:

@partiesfuture on Twitter

@future_parties on Instagram