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Alice Hunter is a writer for the London alternative sexuality scene, examining issues in swinging, kink, lgbtqia+ inclusion and the endless hunt for utopia.

Half urban anthropology study, half kink & swinger survival guide, UnicornHunting.blog is an ever evolving realm of comedy, tragedy, satire and cautionary tales, advice and perspectives from some of the most fascinating niches of the non-vanilla world.

The guidance on how to obtain a MFF (and its underlying message) is now complete as a stand-alone work, which is available at Unicorns and How to Hunt Them: Your Guide to Scoring Threesomes Like a Pro for Kindle. The unicorn hunting blog is now opening out wider to look at other subjects relating to swinging, poly, kink, love, sex and the social side of the alternative modern UK scene, including guest bloggers, interviews, events reviews and sometimes controversial topics, as well as advice tailored for single women on the swing scene, and the myriad of issues they have to face.

This is a non-commercial blog.  We don’t take paid advertisements or sponsorship. You won’t see ritzy ads for parties with models who don’t even attend. It is to be a place where people express the truth, according to their own lived experience, share a little bit of their world, provide insight and bring the conventional, vanilla and alternative sexual communities a little bit closer together.  UnicornHunting.blog is a community project; supported, enhanced and written by the wonderful, genuine people of the swinging and kink world, largely in London UK but also abroad. What you find here is free, honest and heartfelt.

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