Libertines on LinkedIn?

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I’ve used (and indeed, reviewed) a few apps in my day. Quite possibly the most alien among my long list of online presences is the creation of my LinkedIn profile.

No saucy, suggestive pictures. No comical questions to start the bio. When they ask you to state what you are looking for, it comes with an hourly rate and a job title from a pop up list. LinkedIn is the cool, clean app of the professional.

Needless to say, I’m not on there to pick up dates. I’m updating it to try my hand at some freelance writing work. The lovely, still my baby and place for collaboration and truth, must always remain a non-commercial enterprise. The only ad you’ll see on here is for the book, and the book itself is free on Kindle Unlimited. I don’t do paid reviews, I don’t advertise. I don’t even allow banner advertising. There’s a slippery slope of temptation to avoid, implicit in anything where money is promised. This little blog- the one here, where the community can write, and post their own stories; collaborate and compile to make sense of the world, must always remain sacrosanct. Oddly preachy and self-restraining for a libertine, aren’t I?

Yet the hours of work and pleasure- the tension and release of producing each piece – doesn’t have an end game in which the bills get paid. I’m therefore now available to rent. To rent as a writer. As an ethnographic journalist. As an editor. As a non-mainstream persona, to type where angels fear to tread.

If you have a LinkedIn account and you’d like to connect with me on there, please find me at

Please note, I am on there as a writer, author, and blogger for the alternative sex scene in London, and now as a freelancer. These are not titles I feel even remotely coy about, but I appreciate that many of you need to keep your work personas ‘untainted’ by my association. In which case, please feel free to continue using all my other social media and clearing your browser history afterward.

If you can tolerate my professional acquaintance with indemnity, then please do send me a connection request. I’m looking a little billy-no-mates for my LinkedIn connection circle at present, and I’ll happily accept new connections. You never know when we might be useful for each other.

See you soon, Baby Ducklings


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