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Sometimes when making something new, it is me that feels like the baby duckling. Someone (who I consider to be generally rather clever) has suggested I make a YouTube channel to go along with the blog.

Being a child of dial-up internet days, I’ve used YouTube rather a lot as a viewer, but not as a content creator. I’ve therefore got a rather empty page at present, with a gapingly inviting section to ‘feature channels’ and show ‘videos I like’.

I’d therefore like to invite you to offer suggestions, including your own channels and videos, which I can make links to and put together the start of a community. I’ll do this for one week for the time being. If you’ve got content you’d like to share (it doesn’t have to be swing scene related for now) please send me the information so I can view it and promote it for you.

My new you tube channel is Alice Hunter at

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  1. I’m always interested in learning about poly and the over lap of kink. Those might be interesting subjects. Kayla and I started out doing a podcast and have now also incorporated YouTube videos along with it. If you’d like to take a peek you can find us there at LovingBDSM.


    1. That’s great- i will try to find it!

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    2. Ive subscribed, liked a video and put you as a featured channel, all of which shows on my page 🤗 am I doing this right? Haha

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      1. It worked, I see it in the sidebar. Looking forward to seeing future videos from you and have been enjoying your blog.


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