Paperback unicorns and FREE ebook

So in the rest of what’s left of 2018 I’ll be working on bringing out the paperback. I want it to have a little something extra for you!

Woman reading a book

As well as working with a wonderful illustrator, I’d like to give you some extra, previously unreleased content. In fact, I’d like to grant some wishes. I always did have a fairy godmother complex.

Is there a question you want answered? Something you’d like special advice on? Something you feel was missing in the ebook? The world of unicorn hunting is such a huge topic and there are so many skills and strategies that could be used. The swinger world and how it all fits together isn’t a simple puzzle: it’s both a playground for tourists and a community of fascinating people.

I’ve been so fortunate to have so many interesting people lined up to interview for the blog still, so many more events to review and new apps coming out all the time. So many people with their own stories and experiences, tips and strategies.

Let me know what the relaunched book needs to make it complete for you, and I’ll be selecting some extra topics that will be exclusive to the paperback. Because, my baby ducklings and lovely libertines, I’m a woman who loves to tease and then to please.

The ebook is free to download for the next couple of days only: grab it quickly, take a look and let me know.

Unicorns and how to hunt them book

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