Hunting unicorns


Welcome to your new bible.

This series of blogs will tell you everything you need to know about how to up your game and capture the elusive spare F for fun, frolics and drama-free living.  We aren’t talking about pick-up artist theory or relationship advice. This guide is for one thing only: making you a premiere hunter for ‘MFF’- the fantasy threesome with two women.

Whether you are a couple or a single man or woman, your strategy is what will make or break your success rate.  It’s not about your looks, your age, your income, your ability or lack thereof in the vanilla dating world.   This is a different game altogether. And I will be your gracious guide.


This blog series will examine step by step the things you need to know and practice, to stop you from shooting yourself in the foot every time a prime unicorn comes by.  We will pull apart advice and anecdotes from unicorns, couples and single men, looking at the strategies that have worked for them and those that haven’t, gaining insight into the workings of the unicorn mind, utilizing a wealth of knowledge from many decades worth of collective experience.

The scene is full of extremely attractive couples seeking unicorns,people-154111_1280 and there are very few true unicorns to be had. But these couples strike out a whole lot more than you might imagine- and it’s for a few really simple yet serious reasons.  With a slight shift of perspective, you can be cleaning up where all their shots are flying wide of the mark.  So settle in, sign up and prepare for your crash course in advanced unicorn hunting.

Full book now available on Kindle!

Unicorns and how to hunt them: newbie swinger guide

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