Too good to be true? Tinder doesn’t get poly

Trying to mix the swing/poly world with vanilla people may have always been a bad idea. We made a joint profile on Tinder, for what one might imagine would be a fairly popular idea (BOGOF girlfriends? Instant threesome?).

Unfortunately, nobody seems to understand it. Given the profile word limit, it’s hard to be any more specific. All the responses seem to think it’s just me. When I clarify, I just get more and more questions.

I don’t get it.

You do this often?

You fuck random men with your best friend??

Are you bored with your husbands?

What’s your motivation? Power? Boredom? Excitement? Money?

You’re very pretty, why share?

If you like her, why would you want to share her?

Altogether, it just highlights how closed the mind of the vanilla world can be. On a site notorious for being used for hook ups, you’d imagine people could think a little more creatively.

Alas, the life of a single, bisexual, poly female is not all the frolics and fun one might imagine, especially when it comes to attempting to date for anything other than casual sex.

Our search for a loving, open-minded libertine to spoil continues.

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