Fab Swingers app as a single female (extract)

Following the Feeld review, I’ve started doing reviews of the different apps with regards to MFF potential.  No such enterprise could be complete without FABS.  To be fair, it’s not my first crack at this app.  I set up a new profile at midnight on this fine Monday, listing myself as a single female and asking for quotes to develop the blog in my profile. My picture, which takes a while to be approved, is only of my feet, but I currently sit as a grey silhouette while it’s moderated. So far, I have had 13 messages from guys, couples and a transvestite, including 5 unsolicited dick pics (if we also count the profile pics showing naked dicks).  The time is 00:07.  Nobody read the profile properly.

This is the downside to FABS as a single female- it is almost a victim of its own success. Pretty much everybody who wants casual sex…

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unicorns and how to hunt them

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  1. Baz Schmaz says:

    Fabswingers in my experience is more transactional than any other platform I’ve come across. It’s very ‘act’ driven and of feeling like meat is your thing this is the place for you.

    It’s heavy on racism, misogyny and queer hate. The BNP of hook up sites. Which is apt, seeing lots of their members use language which wouldn’t look out of place on a far right message board.

    If however, you love looking at terrible mirror selfies just to make yourself feel better about how clean you keep the reflective surfaces in your house you’ll find this comedy gold.


    1. Though I have noticed some inherent (albeit not directed at me) racism, and it’s a general issue I’m hoping to look at in a future blog, I’d not noticed any particular ‘queer hate’, however that’s not to say I don’t believe you. I’m sure everyone has a very different experience on any site.

      Your note on the cleanliness of surfaces in photos is entirely accurate and hilarious xxx


  2. Paul says:

    Fabswingers.com is a total scam.
    Mostly men, and a few obese “Cathy Bates” TYPE ould ones… On it. Nut jobs and low lifes.


    1. I have met some nice, good looking, very normal people via it. But there is a lot of chaff to sift through. Besides, Cathy Bates has a certain unconventional charm I’ve always found sexy. As I said, it’s good for keeping in touch and recruiting people for events. You are unlikely to find the love of your life on it.


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