Fab Swingers app as a single female

Following the Feeld review, I’ve started doing reviews of the different apps with regards to MFF potential.  No such enterprise could be complete without FABS.  To be fair, it’s not my first crack at this app.  I set up a new profile at midnight on this fine Monday, listing myself as a single female and asking for quotes to develop the blog in my profile. My picture, which takes a while to be approved, is only of my feet, but I currently sit as a grey silhouette while it’s moderated. So far, I have had 13 messages from guys, couples and a transvestite, including 5 unsolicited dick pics (if we also count the profile pics showing naked dicks).  The time is 00:07.  Nobody read the profile properly.

This is the downside to FABS as a single female- it is almost a victim of its own success. Pretty much everybody who wants casual sex, of any kind, in any place, is on it.  The single guys (and couples) on it who message prolifically are completely indiscriminate. Penises from Aberdeen, the USA, Cornwall, all clutter your inbox in picture form.  After a week or so of receiving literally hundreds of poorly thought-out and executed copy-and-paste mass-mailings a day on it, most girls will leave or, more prudently, change the filters of who can message them.  This makes it appear that there are very few girls when you try to search.  This is not actually the case, they are just hiding.

Single guys complain that on FABS they never have girls message them.  In fact, they complain that mostly it is other men messaging them, trying to turn them gay.  I’ve no idea if this has ever succeeded as a pick-up method, but it seems at least as likely a way of getting sex as opening with a dick pic to a random girl.

So, among all this, what is the point?  Fab Swingers actually has some great functionality. It’s free to use (with optional upgrades to access features that make life a bit easier) and you’ve good odds of accessing at least 95% of the casual sex partners available in your area.  It has forums.  It has verification features, so people can establish you genuine, and even write a little review on you (performance or otherwise).  It has options to update your status, add photos (public or private), save people as friends, chat on forums, and 2 really good features which I will highlight:

  1. The search function.  Are you looking for a 34 year old transsexual in Milton Keynes? Fab will find you one.  A non-smoking single bisexual girl who’s looking for a meet today in your town and can accommodate? Yup, that’s all searchable too. They don’t have to match with you for you to send a message, but whether you ever get a reply is another matter.  It happens sometimes.  I’ve replied to a few people on there, and even met with them.  They’ve been perfectly normal and good looking, although it really has been a needle in a haystack search.  The odds are good, but the goods are odd, as they say.  I think the deciding factors were that they had face pictures, were polite and didn’t show me their penis until we’d at least met.
  2. The Meets and Events function.  As a fledgling initiate of swing, you will rapidly find that one of the most efficient and cost effective ways for you to obtain a high success ratio is to get yourself in with a good social circle of like-minded people. Meeting people here and there is all well and good, but they are scattered about on different sites and it’s easy to lose contact before ever really getting yourself in with them as a friend.  Whether you feel ready to host an event (which we will discuss in another post) or just want to be invited along, being on FAB is a great place to start. There are parties, there are socials, there are private events and meets that you can approach the organisers about (who will often have a designated profile just for their parties).  Because of the verification system and the surprisingly small world the scene can be, you are rapidly likely to become someone who ‘somebody that’s going’ knows.  Failing all else, it’s a great way to just keep in touch with a wide circle of people you’ve met on your sexual adventures, but perhaps don’t feel the need to add to your Facebook.

Overall value? Definitely one for your social swinger arsenal.

2 thoughts on “Fab Swingers app as a single female”

    1. I have met some nice, good looking, very normal people via it. But there is a lot of chaff to sift through. Besides, Cathy Bates has a certain unconventional charm I’ve always found sexy. As I said, it’s good for keeping in touch and recruiting people for events. You are unlikely to find the love of your life on it.


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