Feeld as a single female

Dating apps have come a long way.  For every niche interest, there seems to be one.  Or ten.  A few days ago, I joined Feeld as a single female.  Lest you think I was performing some sort of seductive trickery, allow me to clarify.  My profile picture was an overexposed silhouette of my face with shades on in the sunshine, so I’m glowing like a featureless alien.  My profile states exactly what I’m doing there.


In less than 12 hours, I had over 1800 ‘curiosities’ (people waiting to match with me).  A couple of days later, I’m up to 2881.  Every person I swiped right on was an instant match.  I got up to 65 active matches before it became too unwieldy to manage the conversations.  Sorry to those who got frustrated and left before I could speak to them, I’d need a whole team of secretaries to stay on top of the apparent 10-30 minute window of expectation many had of a reply.  As a good and wise friend of mine said recently, ‘It’s fine to be intense, but you can still be rational.’

The first evening, I select a cute but inappropriately young single guy from the matches and we meet for a discussion.  We talk a bit about the app and he says there are hardly any single women on it.  Indeed, though I selected my matches indiscriminately from all categories as they appeared, I did not match with one single girl.  He says there are perhaps 20 single girls within his realistic travelling area.  I can believe it.  In addition to the disproportionate number of couples and single guys on other sex apps, Feeld is clearly aimed at unicorn hunting.  The number of single girls who actively seek this out is very low.  The girls who want this are usually pretty busy fielding their abundant prospects elsewhere.

The system of the app makes it difficult to identify whether someone has just matched with you or has sent a message, and the message reading system has some bugs in it that stop them showing unless you go in and out of the app repeatedly.  I thought this might be my phone, but many of the other users said the same.  There were a limited number of search options in terms of preferences, and limited required details for each profile. As rather an Amazonian, it would be helpful, for example, to specify men over my own height (a bit of a rarity).  You can set proximity, age range and type of profile.  That’s pretty much it.  There’s no search function by name or for friends, despite having the option to put your matches into groups.  So though I had some nice prospects I might have liked to share with my unicorn circle, I had no hope of actually finding them and putting anything together.

On the plus side, there are a huge number of very attractive single men on there- and furthermore men who are game for something more interesting than standard vanilla sex.  If you are a single girl seeking a hot single guy for MFF or kink, it’s an absolute treasure trove.  They tend to state their interests in little bubbles on the profile pages (which unfortunately you can’t search by), but you can rapidly see if your cute single guy is likely to press your buttons, and there’s no awkward ‘at what point do I bring this up so as to not waste time but also not be categorised as a voracious slut’ moment, like with many other apps.

Conclusion:  Guys and couples looking for a single girl are likely to struggle.  Kinky or swinger girls are likely to feel like they’ve struck oil.  So when you are having a Bonnie Tyler moment, and wondering where all the good men have gone, have a look on Feeld. That’s where they went.


Happy hunting, my baby ducklings!  xx

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