The sparkle to draw the unicorns in (extract)

The world is a changing place; I think more and more people will be open to non conventional relationships.  I think many unicorns wish to be captured.  It’s remarkably common.  We just find more and more single girls approach us and in normal settings – not just sex parties.  I would say most weekends a girl approaches us with the intention of some mischief.  My other half is very striking though, she is 6 foot – 6’4 or 6’5 in heels.  When we are out we are clearly having a good time.  I think that’s the main attraction.  My partner would say that the girls want to be with me but are going through her…but I think they actually want to be with her.  I would say that I get a lot of attention BECAUSE of my partner.  We both draw attention I suppose.  Hard not to notice us…For quite some time we suppressed our erotic side.  I don’t actually think our erotic side is ‘dark’.  I think when we are out we just look like we are happy together…but also playful with others.  We were at one masquerade party in Dublin in April- now it wasn’t a sex party – five separate girls asked if they could come home with us.  One would not accept no for an answer, as she was besotted with my lady.

Dark Knight & Lady Darkness, 43, Sapiosexual couple on a mind exploration journey

Standard pick up theory that men use to acquire vanilla girls, talks a lot about projecting an image and becoming the alpha male in the room.  Though a lot of pickup theory ceases to be relevant, or is turned on its head (for example, demonstrating value as a one-off sexual partner rather than as a general partner) when in the swing scene, there are elements of it that are still helpful to have in your arsenal.  For this reason, here we have a little overlap of worlds…..

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unicorns and how to hunt them

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